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IBs @ Knockhill


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Any users frequent Knockhill?


I havent used my 911 at Knockhill yet, but plan to give it the odd blast in future. Tried at it Crail, but just for a few laps (surface a bit bumpy/abrasive and loose)


We race these cars (mostly KH) so know the track, but hardly see any old Porsches out on our Trackdays (TrackScotland). I know there are 3 (IBs) cars that occasionally race in the SMRC Classic Saloons.






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PCGB/ OPC Glasgow track day for 7th May 2016 just announced last week.


I did this in my 1982 SC this year, but it was the oldest car by far. There was an H-reg 964, a 944 and a 993 cabriolet.


All much later 996/ 997/ Cayman hardware but very well organised event on an open pit lane format.


Speed differential between old and new models is substantial!

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I know Stan has won in the past. Did you or him win this year? I thought the Morgan had been dominating again (maybe race wins, but was his class small)?


Its hard to keep track of other series on the day LOL


Who owns is the red 911?

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