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The stainless backbox with no name for sale


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Hi guys

This stainless backbox was fitted to my SC when I bought her a couple of years ago. Best guess says it's been on the car between 8-10 years. It does give a throaty burble and I have a dyno read out from when it was fitted showing 214bhp. Whilst that can't be substantiated, since fitting a new Dansk stainless 1-in-1-out backbox, the car is quieter and fractionally slower than when the mystery box was fitted.

I've no idea what it's worth.

Offers... and buyer collects.




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Guys... thanks for the advice. Jevvy, thanks for pointing out my Forum faux pas with not listing a price... apologies to all concerned :homersimpson:

Given that three of you knowledgeable gents have put Turbo Thomas in the frame, I shall do some investigating.

Thanks :bowdown:

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Drop him an email with a picture, I'm sure Rich would be able to identify his handiwork.


Question is why did you put a Dansk on instead of keeping this?

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GaryH and Dr Rock... spot on.

Steffi is my 'purist' 911, so I want a standard 'zorst. I get all the lovely mellifluous 911 sounds instead of just exhaust rumble.

Wolfi the '64 has half a straight-through exhaust system, so I have two opposing Porsche sounds to enjoy :ani_nerd:

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1-in 1-out shouldn't drone. That will be a good deal lighter than a dansk.

My TT 1 in 1 out was as heavy as the Dansk 2 in 1 out I have now, which doesn't need earplugs. :twocents:

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Looks like early Turbo Thomas to me, reckon you should start at around £350 +p/p

have a word Nige! it's not new - £350+ is steep for an 8yr old back box.


I've just had a look on the TT website - his prices have gone up a fair chunk since I last looked

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Guys... Richard Thomas has just emailed me:

Hi Gina,

Yes that is indeed one of my very early mufflers.

Looks in great shape!

Best of luck with the sale.

Best regards


I bow to the collective wisdom of you awesome bunch of dudes!


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