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Someone mentioned this to me recently.


Has anyone seen a blower motor option from another car that has been fitted to an early 911?


I'm talking SSI's and heating off of my car.



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Well, nothing is just going to 'just fit' so you're going to be doing some fabrication. The main issue is that most double squirrel cage fans pull in from each side and blow out of the centre slot as they are designed to blow through a rectangular heater or a/c matrix.


Of course, the 911 is the exact opposite. It pulls air from the central intake cowl and blows out each side. If you can find such a fan, then you will have to either make an intake cowl or modify the Behr one so you can pull in fresh air from the scuttle vent. For air to the dash vents, connection to the existing 60mm pipework shouldn't be too difficult with some 'flanges' or fit your own vents. These guys have a selection http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/dash-vents


I am currently modifying the Behr intake cowl for my A/C project - there are some pictures here:




Be aware too, that the central dash vents, although close to the scuttle air intake, are not by any means connected to it. The path of the air is in the intake, through the fan, out the right hand exit, and through the top of the 'Y' splitter piece. Very contorted.

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