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Fitting wheel spacers to an SSE?

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The standard wheel set upon the SSE just looks a tad to inboard for me, especially the fronts. For those of you who have this months Total911 have a look at the Targa article on page 37 to see a rear view of my car.

I think they could take at least 15mm on the front and about 10mm on the rear.

Does the SSE already have spacers fitted?

Can you get a shim in a 10mm thickness?

How exactly are adaptors fitted? Do you have to change the existing studs?


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Im not sure if all but some SSE's had 28mm slide on spacer on the rear with a 930 part number. I have a set in the garage.

If your studs are long enough you can fit these types of spacers and I did to my SSE.

You can buy them on ebay new or used.

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You could just bolt a 40mm ish adaptor to the rear if you remove the 28mm shim

Fronts would need longer studs and a shim but I would be careful on the front as you may mess up the steering with anything too big, 7mm can be used with standard studs and nuts.

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