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74 IROC chassis strengthening


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Does anyone have a definitive list (photos or diagrams preferred) of the chassis strengthening that Porsche used on the 1974 factory IROC cars that were supplied to Penske?

Appreciate any leads

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The stuff I know about is:

1. Shock tower mounts

2. Gearbox tunnel

3. Spring plate mounts

4. Trailing arm pickups extended

5. Engine bay

6. ARB mounts front and rear

7. Front strut brace mounts

I'm not sure whether they were seam welded at the factory

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just saw this; pretty certain they were all built with '73 RS tunnels/torsion bar reinforcement (like early 3.0RS and RSRs.)  I suspect a lot of '73 RSR carried right over.

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Bit late to the party but here's some pictures of reinforceing plates as supplied by 

Chris at fenn lane Motorsport .

engine bay corners,shock towers,torsion bar hole plates,front inner wing plate and 

gearbox coupler area to the torsion bar through the rear seat base.

i seam welded in places to stiffen it up ,more because I thought it would help than 

historically correct !





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