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3.0 RS kit value?


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Im considering changing my 3.0 to a 2.8 RS, i just want the long nose look and proper RS arches.

What would a set of metal turbo front wings in guards red be worth, arches where welded to sc, but no rust issues and the paint is very good!

And what about the rest of the kit, front bumper, rear and the big 3.0 RS spoiler?

Must be worth something to someone?

Kind regards and appreciate any thoughts.



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I may be slightly biased but I think your car look bloody great in that photo Allan.

Are you going to go as far as chopping off the rear quarters/arches as well as the wings?

if i can make it work yes i will replace the rear arches, its actually them that are the reason I'm committing to the body work, they are starting to blister along the join, so i want to address this now before it gets worse. This is providing me with the excuse to modify its look. Im massively torn between a proper 3.0 RS build or going back to 2.8RSR style. Either way, i going to spend money and time improving this recreation so its a much nicer car all round.

Maybe i need counselling not a body kit....

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