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1974 911 Restoration

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Thanks for all the compliments, the rest of this restoration thread will be the details of the actual build of the car back to a road going vehicle (hopefully).

As most other restoration threads deal with the body restoration I thought I would do something different and show the rebuild after you get your car back from the body restorers.

First task was to install everything that goes though the tunnel, I remade my wiring loom using about 95% of new cables, just my personal choice.










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That’s what I need. A screw it back together from scratch thread. No missed steps lol. For my 912. 

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Just to finish the tunnel wiring


Out the tunnel, over the torsion tube20191107_202149.thumb.jpg.4fd73707ac5064046f333ed82d0a6e36.jpg


Running through tunnel in right side conduit exiting out of top hole of tunnel, the battery cable goes through bulkhead lower than main loom.




Main wiring loom now in 👍


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Thanks FF,

Next to fit in the tunnel are fuel lines, as discussed on here many times the lines through the tunnel on a 74-77 are NLA, but funny enough you can still get the metal ones for a 73, as my fuel pump is at the back and low pressure fuel runs through these that's what I used.

It was a bit of a game getting them through the tunnel running from front to back on the left hand side in a conduit.


Front end with bend, feed and return both different sizes finished off with a grommet for protection.


Straight out the back, these pipes will connect to flexible fuel pipe with "jubilee style" clamps.


Next through the tunnel was the brake pipe, at the front it connects to a L shape connector.20191107_202515.thumb.jpg.98c64b6d9211fa3b336c1333d03a556f.jpg


At the rear the pipe connects to a T piece, again both ends protected by a grommet.





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Next to go in the tunnel were the clutch and throttle cables, clutch cable was straight forward enough having it's own internal pipe and connecting to the pedals via a metal shaft. The throttle cable was a bit more tricky using 3 cotton reels to hold the cable in place via metal clips in the tunnel, exiting out the back of the tunnel with a rubber boot.




On the cable near the hand brake you also need to attach the metal bobbin for the hand throttle.


You can just see it in the adjusting window.


My car has a mechanical speedometer so a cable has to run through the tunnel.


This is how it looks at the back, the cable pops out at the front of the tunnel inside the car where the wiring looms enter, then runs up the footwell and out of a hole in the bulkhead using a special grommet.

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Next in the tunnel hand brake cables and heat valve cables, again having their own pipe in the tunnel made this easy.


Cables at the handbrake hole.


Out the tunnel.


To heater valve.


And connected.


Handbrake installed.



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Great stuff. So clean and neat, essentially a brand new car!

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1 hour ago, Phill said:

Great stuff. So clean and neat, essentially a brand new car!

Most parts are new or refurbished, I've been collecting parts for the last 4 years!

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