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Classic Retrofit Electrocooler installation report


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After preparation for classic retrofit electrocooler Installation ist compleated its time for my report of the installation to my car.

It is a Porsche 911S ’77, left hand drive car with a brake booster, originally a US delivered car which came to me with an original AC (probably dealer fitted as there was no front condenser but all parts used where factory) which I ripped out completely during the restauration as most of the parts (especially all the hoses) where shot.

Unlike most other left hand drive cars owner I did choose to route the hoses from and to the fan/compressor inside the luggage compartment instead of underneath the car because as mentioned above I had no front condenser and I didn’t want to drill holes in my bodywork. Also I didn’t feel comfortable having some hoses hanging under my car while my stone guard under the front axle has a lot of dents and marks in it.   

All in all I did work on the car for around 35 hours which was much more than I thought I would need. One reason I was so slow was that I only had time for this during the week after work (typically from 6:30 pm – 10:00pm). I think if I would have worked on this project for two days in a row it would have been enough time to finish this project.

Parts arrived:                                                                                                                                   separately ordered hoses:



parts overview:


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1.  Condenser and fan assembly

The left hand head light has to come off to get access to the screw holding the top of the horse shoe bracket



Test fitting the fan assembly, it is tight!



This is the position I had to move the mounting screw



It is a very tight fit, red arrow points to edge of fan/bottom of front spoiler, green arrow points toward front of car.


red arrow point to bracket that holds the impact bumper damper, green arrow points toward front of car.


Everything lined up and connected



This is all you can see from the condenser/fan on my car




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2. Routing hoses

I did choose the existing holes from the wind screen washer bottle to pass the hoses from the condenser to the luggage compartment. I had to slightly enlarge the holes to get enough space for the rubber grommet.



This is how I modified a standard rubber grommet





This is the tool I used to crimp the hose connectors. It is usually used to connect steel for reinforced concrete by twisting around some thin wire.


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3. Electric

Routing all the wires through existing holes in the bodywork took some time but adds to the smooth optic of the whole Installation.





View inside the smuggler box. Red arrow points to the stud I used as ground point for the compressor unit. The blue arrows point to the exiting openings from the original AC which I closed.


Grey connector:

Blue/Red – wiper pin 53i (green wire)

Blue/white – switch for rear/front windshield heating - pin 3

Looking through the clock opening in the dashboard to the wiper motor. Red arrow indicates pin i53 (green wire) – wiper at full speed. To test if you have found the right pin/cable, just turn the wiper to full speed, if he doesn’t work, you disconnected the right one.



I used the original mounting bracket, which is still available from Porsche for around 10€, for the on/off push button. I had to enlarge the original hole slightly. I am not sure what to do with the second hole. (just for the record: I love my center console!)




Blue/yellow – top of fuse 6 (arrow ‘1’)

Black/yellow (switched live) – fuse 15 (arrow ‘2’)

Yellow (switched live) – fuse 15 (arrow ‘2’)

Red – fuse 18 (arrow ‘3’) (empty on my car), I also connected the red wire from the fan and the red wire of the on/off button to this fuse  




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4.  Ductwork

Almost done, only the T-pieces and the ductwork.

That’s was what I thought but it was really hard work especially at the left hand side of the car because of the almost non existing space for anything (duct, hand, srewdriver,…)






4. Filling

Picture taken at the shop while filling. Notebook for system testing prior to filling


First attempt didn’t work because some of the fittings where not screwed together properly (I didn’t notice it during installation).


After tightening and replacing the seals the second attempt did work just find and after one month the system is still working properly.  

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6.  Further Projects

-  smuggler box lid

To reinstall my smuggler box lid I have to make a cut out  



-   steering tunnel cover

I also have make a new steering tunnel cover as mine did fell into pieces when I tried to make a cut out for the second (left hand side) drain hose.



-     thermal insolation of hoses 

I am thinking about adding some thermal insulation to the hoses running inside my luggage compartment so I can use my carpet again and do not have to worry about condensation. I learned that I have to use rubber insolation because of the vapour diffusion. These type of insolation is available in 2m pieces  


-     scuttle panel support

I still need to work out a solution for that. I don’t like the idea of adding a support bracket to the blower housing which itself is mounted to the scuttle panel.

I found a second, original support in my parts box so I might cut that up and play around. 


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