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My Shed Thread

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thanks Richot1989 glad you're enjoying the updates

Targatogo, it's not that good a build thread but thanks for the compliment

green911, we're really pleased with the stonework, our builder has done a great job matching the original house stone, too good a job for his own good as I've asked him to stay on and re-point the house and repair some lower courses, yes, it's Hornton stone, where about's are you in Oxfordshire?

While I was at work the week before Christmas our builder and Mrs WC worked on the roof joists on the house end of the rear roof, not quite there yet but thanks to their hard work I've only got a few joists left to fit 

I managed a few days over the Christmas break and nearly finished the roof membrane and battens over the garage end, just got a few left to do at the top. Also fitted one roof light, got another 2 left to do.


I also finished doing the battens on the front side, length of the battens used can nearly be measured in km's and miles :blink:


Inside space is starting to close in on it's self but with the high ceiling it still feels roomy



I'll spend a couple more days on the roof before it's back to work for me. With the limited time I have free now I've mentally set myself the target of having the roof all finished by the end of Jan. 🤞 Roof tiling is a quiet neighbour friendly activity which I can do under flood light in the evening.

Until the next update I wish everyone a Happy New Year, an ace 2019 and thanks for following our 'Petit Designs' build which still has a long way to go before it's done!


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I'm in Abingdon.

I'm building a house and garage myself at the moment so can appreciate your current position.

Mine is nice and easy (!!!) compared to yours, block and render. I've done stone before, the end result is fantastic and worth the hassle/expense.

I'm much less hands on now, I'm just head labourer and bill payer!!!

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This thread is so 'last year' so here is the first update for 2019, many more to follow

Not getting much time on the build in the evenings  but Mrs WC and our builder are making good progress

Mrs WC deserves a special mention, her 'side project' is shaping up very nicely, when she's not running the house hold she has built/concreted steps up to the garden next to the shed and extended the garden wall


To make the most of my building time on weekends Mrs Ahab has turned her hand to roofing too, cementing in the gable end tiles. So impressed with how straight/even the tiles are, really finishes of this end of the house



Our builder has been working on the stone work, front wall and garage rear wall all finished. Now on the end wall the garage ground floor rear extension which adds much needed extra length to the garage space. Believe it or not this part is the only part of the house build that extends beyond the foot print of our original garage foot print


This weekend Mrs WC and myself tiled half of the front roof, 1500 tiles in 3 hrs, my Iphone health monitor measured 71 stories, 6500 steps, it didn't account for me having 5kgs of tiles in each hand while walking up the ladder  Tiling isn't as hard work as moving stone but it sure stretches the leg muscles


We worked on the rear too and I also spent some tile trimming up the fascia boards to match the profile of the stone wall


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Just catching up with the latest on this thread......seriously impressive undertaking and awesome attention to detail; I doff my hat to you WC and to the Sterling efforts of Mrs. WC......in years to come, I think you’ll look at what you’ve accomplished and say incredulously “Did I really do all this”?



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On 1/15/2019 at 4:09 PM, Richard Bernau said:

It doesn't get any less impressive.


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‘Tis a bit of an epic build. Most take the easy and cheaper root but this shows some folk like to do it properly. When’s the garage warming?  Lol 

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thanks David, it's a very satisfying thing to do and I'm really enjoying the process of building something that has a longer shelf life than a few races

Busybee, garage warming is a long way off, promised Mrs WC I'd do the garage after the house interior is done :cry:, unlike when we originally bought the place  :lol:

No pic's this week as it's always dark but we're making good progress on the roof despite me only doing a bit each evening under floodlight/head torch. Noisy jobs stop at 9pm, quiet lifting/moving work goes on until I hear the village church clock chiming 11pm 

In 1.5hrs I can move 638 or 1406lbs/638kgs of tiles in batches of a dozen up onto the scaffolding, my Iphone measured 6000 steps, 51 floors and 2.5 miles/4km. Fitting them is much easier and only takes 1hr

Not as strenuous as the stone moving so a very pleasant work out after a hard, long day sat in an office staring at a screen while moving a mouse and tapping on a keyboard :ani_nerd:


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