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Hi Baz, thanks, price was £100 each, at that price I couldn't fill my truck fast enough, they were used over an indoor swimming pool at some big house somewhere in this country, sadly cut in half to make transporting easier. Think I've spent easily over £2k on old bits of oak but I've stopped counting and just carry on paying as I go.

Aldo, very kind of you,  great website and reasonable prices too, thanks for your generous offer but I think I'm all oak beamed out for the moment

Just need one more to find needs to be 6 mtrs long by around 6" x 6", got my eye on one just need to find the time to view it

Measured up for the steel beams and columns this week, going to be quite a few, about 26 at last count 😵, two heaviest should weigh around 570kg each 😵

Nothing lightweight about this man cave build 😎

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