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On 31/03/2021 at 22:47, Beaky said:

As restrictions get lifted and hopefully permanently, we’ll visit this awesome build

Please do Beaky, kettle will be on 👍

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I have 😟 so from the end of next month, I'll be going outside 😄 and may be sometime........ Will be busy man cave/shed building 7 days a week for at least 6 months so should have plenty of update

Top left corner, can't unsee slightly unwell house face about to vomit building materials.

Game of stones innit 😂

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My 1st full week in a longtime, 1st day was so tiring I put myself to bed 3 hrs early, was great to be back at it, really into the swing of it now and pleased to have some progress to show 😎


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Must have been asleep when giving our builder upstairs window opening measurements 🤔  Windows are too low and too tall, nowhere near a close match to the original house upstairs windows

What was needed was more 'cowbell' ie more exposed oak lintel showing below the green painted sofet board as per the original house


A bit of keyhole surgery, added another course of stone on the bottom which is almost impossible to spot. Also added another 4" oak lintel underneath the original lintel,. Window on the left is before and on the right after.

Was hoping to just lower the original lintel but I did such a good job of fixing them in I'd have needed to remove roof tiles to do that. Also returned the stone in towards the inner block work as the window frames will be recessed 6" from the outer wall face.


Spot the difference, looks much better now, very happy with the new front window openings matching with the original front window openings on the house. Painting the original fascia boards and replacing the rain gutter on the old house is one of my weekend jobs 🙄


Most important indoor job was to make a set of temporary stairs, only took a couple of hours and my knees thanked me! Also threw some Ebay bargain plywood off cuts down as temporary flooring so I don't do myself a mischief falling between the 1st floor joists 🤕


Made good progress on joisting out the top floor. One half was very easy but he other half was brutal on my hands. I cut vertical slots into the stone of the original house, played safe and used my small angle grinder 😉 with a diamond tipped masonary blade. Then hand chiseled each hole and mortared in each joist


Top floor joists almost done, will finish it after I have knocked through the top floor and 1st floor doorways through the 2ft thick original stone walls.


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I'm just in awe! Thought I was a dab hand at doing things but this puts any of my efforts to shame. Well done and keep us up to date with progress - I always make a point of looking for new posts....

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