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Inlet port layout and dimensions


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Does anyone have, or know where I can find, a plan view of the engine showing the dimensions of the inlet port layout?

Ie. Distances between them so that I can make a mock up of the ITBs and get on with designing a throttle linkage.

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Thanks for that Phil but I need the dimensions across the engine and the offsets between the banks. My fault, I should have been clearer. Useful to know though and their prices seem to have come down a bit?

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Hi Phil. Take a look at what I did, I have the measurement C/L to C/L between the ports as 486mm See the pics.



Throttle bodies fitted to flat board, Centre Line for Ports (2.7lt) are at 486mm and Cylinder 5 is mid way between Cyl1 and Cyl2.

image.png.aa09f7b5866d1e3e337ed5e432fbf81c.png 5a9c2393c4830_PortPositions.jpg.34fea92d31084e2ce20beb93eb6f64e3.jpg

My Injector Harness is wired as Bank 1 = Cylinders 1,6 and 2, Bank 2= Cylinders 4, 3 and 5, and per firing order.  I will be running as alternate squirts

(Note the fittings on top of the T-Bodies, I have six and these will attach  K&N Air filters) These are Triumph parts,


Here is what I did for my Throttle Linkage, I am using a 964 Throttle Cable from the Pedal Assy and have two cables from the wheel, one to each set of Throttle Bodies. The pivot unit I bought from Colin Belton but I would make something similar now, There are lots of ideas on DDK/Pelican, I can send other info if you want

Hope this helps 


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