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Planned Spring Clean

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I'm finally coming to the end of my build, and plan to start cataloging and pricing over Christmas and early in the New Year all the salvageable parts removed from the car that are now surplus to requirements. Lots of used engine parts - Ps & Cs, camshafts, con rods, oil pump, rockers, cylinder heads (small port, no broken fins or studs), complete CIS induction, including airbox with pop-off valve - plus interior parts, such as front and rear seats, centre console, door bin lids, seat belts, etc - and body parts, such as a good valance with fog lamp mounts, original fog lamps, electrically adjustable mirrors, various trim elements, sugar scoops, large style over-riders, etc. Also quite a bit of electrical stuff removed, cruise control electronics and harness, SC oxygen sensor ECU, etc.

Bearing in mind these are all from a LHD '82 US SC Targa, I'll be looking back at the parts forum and on ebay for price inspiration but would welcome all and any suggestions o parts prices (accepting the usual caveats around condition, etc. )


PS The engine had just under 200k on it, but ran well before it came apart.




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