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Oil Breather Housing Temp Sensor?


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Afternoon gentlemen,

Does oil flow under the oil breather housing when the engine is running? My 85 3.2 has a temp sensor fitted that isnt plugged into anything, and I am looking to add a temp sensor, what it needs to work reliably is a flow of oil past it.

Also what the hell is the sensor in the top of the imaged with the plug that goes nowhere?



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If you mean the red/orange sensor top right, it is the oil pressure switch

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43 minutes ago, PeterK said:

Crank sensor ?

Yes, but not the ones usually referred to that give input to run the Motronic system, but an unused third sensor.

The speed and engine position sensor (No 6) wires used by the DME come through to the engine way to the left and down and are out of the picture. That is the top dead centre sensor (No 12) wire that is not connected to anything, or used for anything, that ends in a small rubber covered plug up by the throttle body (circled red in the pic).



Probably originally used by the factory/service centre to check/setup stuff.




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 Can`t make out the wire in your photo, this is how the sensor plug should look. In this photo the sensor (white) is already unplugged.As Mark mentioned  the Speed, Reference sensor, they are plugged in below the Cylinder Head Temperature sensor.The sensor screws into no #3 cylinder.

Some Front oil coolers were tapped with a  hole ,at the top between the pipes ,this was for a fan thermostat.sender.(part 39) .This is  going to give a accurate reading, as you would be measuring oil temp, rather than the temp of your engine.



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Sorry,  I have gone off topic mentioning the Cylinder head and front oil cooler.

Yes, your car was fitted with sensor this as standard. For 1985  there should be a green / black wire with which plugs into the sensor on the breather housing.The wire will be sheathed, coloured grey or black. This wire runs directly back to the oil temperature gauge.

(If you look Bentley manual  ,you see Instrument panel wiring diagram )

Whats probably happened is someone has not reattached the wire post engine removal.The wire be in there somewhere.

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