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Budget paint gun recommendations


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I have a couple of external panels to prime and paint on the rally car (doors and a fibreglass bonnet) and having rattle canned the engine bay and inner wings I'd like to move on and do better! 

Thinking of building a mini-booth in the garage like Jeff, anyone got any recommendations for a budget paint gun? I have a 2hp compressor that goes up to about 8bar. Anything else I should know/need?

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Only sprayed celulose to date (2 pack to follow very shortly), but I'm happy with my FMT3006 (1.4mm tip) LVLP spray gun for colour coats.  For primers I previously used a Duren 528105 (1.8mm tip) conventional spray gun, but have just bought another FMT3006 (with1.8mm tip) LVLP to spray epoxy primer, as per the recommendations of RustBuster.





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I used an FMT4001 on a bonnet and roof repaint in the summer (2K direct gloss). Only intended to use it for primer but it was quite a bit better than expected, and actually for £32 off Ebay it was way better than it had any right to be.

See Gunman on YT. His top ten clip puts a £100 DeVilbiss in second place. Can’t remember the model but everything else he tested is two or three times the price.

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I'm still at the rattle can stage, but I did a fair amount of research on spray guns but haven't made the move yet. I also have a small 50l compressor which is a limiting factor.

There are some guns that I picked which would work well with this setup

For primer, this one with a 1.8mm tip. It is also on the rustbuster site.


For base and clear, this one


The gunman review was great for this gun. I'd also buy the ANI inline regulator as well.

While these guns are not the cheapest, my research pointed at good results. 

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Thanks for all the responses so far...

I went into the garage last night and it seems my compressor has died.. 😞

But in the meantime there is def some YouTube research required, good leads there chaps.


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9 minutes ago, Chris T said:

Stating the obvious but fuse? They take a lot of grunt at start up, mine will only work direct in the garage ring main, not an extension lead...?

Yup need to investigate, but in the midst of a GT3 front suspension tear down so I chalked it up to investigate another day! It did seem to struggle the other week last time I used it tho....

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Definitely a gravity fed, I have a random one that's 1,6 or 8mm with 500ml cup which gave good results, which seemed a good size for couple panels, doing a full car could be a struggle ( paint quantity)


I have a touch up gun like the second link, which the guy told me was a Chinese copy of a debilias which gives brilliant finish even for hopeless diy'er like me when it's painting


Tips, if it's looking wrong stop and work out what up, if you get a run in the colour, it will sand/cut out after curing

And watch loads of YouTube!!

Stuff I've done panels outside with ok results, but ventilation is plentiful!

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