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Spa - March 22nd 2019 - Opentrack


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Opentrack are running a day at Spa next march, on a Friday :) and its only £225 including photography and tuition!.  Very very tempted as they ran a good day at Brands GP this year and that price is a bargain.

They also plan to do Zandvoort later in the year...another one I would love to do.

Any takers?

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Just be aware that Spa weather can be pretty horrid up until late spring.

Remember sleeping rough (marshalls cabins) within the confines of the circuit for the whole of the 87 GP weekend; clearly remember waking on early Friday morning to a light dusty covering of snow!   That was weekend in mid/late May.  In more recent years event has been held in August presumably to improve chances of avoiding non race friendly weather. 

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yeah had thought weather could be iffy, which Is why I sat on the fence for now.  Drifting through Pouhon would have new meaning :D

I'll find out what their bad weather policy is, ie credit note for any track or just Spa etc.  In that region any time of  year can be iffy :huh:

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Those two years we did Spa on the trot were some of my first big adventures with the IB and IB posse and they were fantastic days. My cars twenty times better all round than it was back then so would love to do it all again. :cool:

and yes one of the days it was still wet in the morning and I had great fun sliding around in some of the corners. The track was so wide for our small cars that you could really have a little play on the throttle and enjoy yourself.

Then there's the Stella in the evening..... :D

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