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Richard - sure I used a MOMO boss which I got from Design 911;


Looks like the fitment is the same for your Boxter.  To remove the steering wheel, (disconnect the battery first) there is a small hole on the back of the wheel where you insert a screwdriver (smaller flat blade) and fiddle about to pop out the airbag module, I watched a couple of YouTube videos that were helpful.  There are 3 connections from the wiring harness to the airbag module one for the horn and 2 for the airbag (high and low speed as I understand it).  The wheel is held on by a 12 spline T55 torx (I had a 12 MM splined tool that was spot on).  To fit the boss you do need to Dremel or use a small hacksaw to remove part of the clock spring,  torque to 50Nm, you need to feed the wiring through the boss which is fiddly with the wheel attached so I fitted the wheel later using the 6 small countersunk allen bolts.  The wheel was on my 911 so I had the Porsche horn push and made up a couple of wires from the loom connectors onto the horn and then got some 3.3Ohm resistors from ebay as only one was supplied with the hub;


I did use some other resistors I already had, but these are obviously wrong as I now have an airbag light I need to get reset (standard OBD reader does not do this).  Will let you know how I get on with the new ones and ensure that the airbag light stays off for MOT purposes.  MOT is another point as I understand that a car that had a factory fit airbag in the wheel needs to have one for the MOT, so non airbag aftermarket steering wheels are a fail - but that could be hearsay.




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Cheers for that !

The resistors I used for the side airbags in the seats that disappeared with the race seat install are in my boxa.net thread and are presumably the same as the one you need.  Can't recall off the top of my head though.

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Just to confirm the 3.3 Ohm resistors as in the picture and from eBay worked in mine - I had to reset the airbag light with a SnapOn Zeus, but all good now.

Ordered CL5+ pads for the back, hopefully get them in at the weekend.

Booked Silverstone GP on 21st for a shakedown, so will see how that goes.

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Hi Paul, 

i ran the MOT issue past my son , who amongst other things is a qualified MOT tester. The answer to the question as far as MOT testing is concerned  ,is with an airbag car ,the light sequence on ignition and start up must follow the correct sequence and to ensure this happens with a non airbag car the appropriate resistors need to be fitted , which you have done  so it would not be a fail😀.


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