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Machining 930 rear calipers for non-Turbo cars - who can do it?

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Hello everybody,

I recently bought a set of 930 calipers and would like to have the rears machined to fit a non-Turbo trailing arm, so basically old ears milled off and new ones drilled etc, like this: http://www.vehiclecraft.com/Brakes/930T_mod.htm

In the US a few vendors like VCI, Rebel Racing and Rennsport provide this service, does anybody know of any experienced shops in the UK / mainland EU? 



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You could just post them to VCI.  I did this many years ago to get 964 calipers adapted to fit over the early 944T discs for 3.2 Carrera front struts.


Start calling indies and seeing if they have a tame machine shop they can recommend.  If you can get measurements then the work itself is easy enough - if you have a pillar drill, you could possibly even contemplate doing it yourself.  Even someone like a wheel refurb shop may be helpful.  They are usually on an estate and know all the local guys that do this kind of stuff via word of mouth.

Where are you based?  Eg., someone like Turbo Thomas probably knows 10 guys round Birmingham that could do this.  UK is full of small businesses that can do this, but its still fairly old school and non-digital as to how you access it.

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You could speak to EB Motorsport, they have remade the RSR versions from scratch and have the capability to do what you want

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