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SOLD: 1984 3.2 Targa


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Now SOLD! Many thanks for the enquiries.

I bought this car in June 2006 and have used it intermittently during the following 13 years, as I have spent at least 7 of those years working away from home.  It’s never been used as a daily driver and has generally not been used in winter or on wet days.  It has always been garaged and at one stage was put into storage when we were between houses.


I suffered a gearbox failure shortly after buying the car in 2006.  So, it went to Matt at Autowerke in Norwich for repair.  It was too far gone for repair, so Matt sourced a used replacement, reconditioned the necessary parts and installed it.  The invoice indicates that this was done at 80,783 miles.

Body work

The good news is that on this car the sills, kidney bowls and B posts have been fixed.  I took it to Sportwagen in Essex in 2010 and they cut everything away on both sides, replaced it with good metal, replaced the kidney bowls and put it all back together.  As they were doing so, they took photos and kept a record of the time spent on the various parts of the work.  This is all available for you to see.

The sill covers are not fitted to the car.  I removed these before it went to for the sill/B post work and when the car came back I liked the way it looked.  So, I have not replaced them.  This also has the added advantage of removing one more place where road dirt and moisture can gather.  The covers are with the car, as are the rubber trims that go with them.  Have look at the pics.

The rear wheels have spacers fitted.  This brings them out a little wider to fill the wheel arches a bit more. The targa top was recovered with mohair in 2012.

The car is up for £32,000. Further details and more pictures are available here.


Prsche 911 March 2019 1.jpg

05-2018-08-19 11.28.15-1.jpg

10-2018-08-19 11.35.31-1.jpg

12-2018-08-19 11.37.43.jpg

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