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3 hours ago, SP72 said:

I recall when contemplating ClassicLine last year, their TandCs  state they will cover non-genuine (or used) parts to repair the car - is this the case?

The reason I stuck with Lockton/Chubb as they state use of new genuine parts are covered

Not exactly , this would normally apply when the parts are no longer available from the maker, obviously very common on many classic cars. Porsche are exceptional in so much that the vast majority of parts are still obtainable, albeit at a price. the reference I believe you are making is to the section headed

Parts that are not available
If a replacement for any damaged accessory or part of your car is
not available, the most we will pay is its price (as specified by the manufacturer) at the time of the loss. We will not pay more than the cost of the accessory or part as shown in the manufacturer’s last price list in the United Kingdom.
We may decide to repair your car with parts which have not been made or supplied by your car’s manufacturer, but which are of a similar standard”


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Maybe GT - I think it was worded slightly differently at the time I read it.

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Really sorry to hear this Fraser - glad you're unharmed.

Fingers crossed your insurers play ball

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