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2020 Alpine Road Trip

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Quick update.  No matter when or where, a euro roadtrip is always a worthwhile thing to do.

In my case I changed plans a fair bit based on the weather.  Snow fell down to 1300m in the northern alps and I had rain and clouds the whole time with temps no more than about 8-9 degrees.  Sixt rentals also gave me a non-sports car.  Can't really complain as it was an 850i with 523hp, so it had its merits - it just wasn't a sports car.  It was Panamera Turbo esque, right down to bloated size and 4wd.  240kph top speed as it was on speed restricted winters.  

So rather than worry too much about driving roads, I just drove where I felt like driving.  Pick the little white roads on Google maps and you can't go too far wrong.  It also meant that Germany was a better bet than the Alps in many respects as there are so many ways of getting across country in Germany, whereas the Alps often present only one solution.

I also drank more German beer, had more good food and spent more time in the sauna than I would have expected.  And got to tick off skinny dipping in freezing Lake Constance.  Somewhat surprised my Anglo Saxon self with the last one - but when in Germany...

So no excuse for not getting into the euro road trip thing.  If I can do it all the way from New Zealand, then really no excuse.

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