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C3.2 with SSIs, heater duct question

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I'm finally getting around to start working on my garage ornament '89 Cabriolet that I bought in January. First job is to address the various rattles, tuneup issues and other assorted running annoyances.

Re the rattles - the car has been converted to a (3.0?) SSIs, 2 in 2 out muffler and most of the emissions equipment has been removed by a shop that seems to thrive on almost good enough work. Yay. It's also an a/c car with somewhat more complicated ducting.

Anyway, the up pipe into the top of the engine bay doesn't seem to fit into the rubber boot on the topside (too small - see photo) and rests on the exhaust underneath. I guess that's part of the rattles.


The above is with the jubilee clip on the rubber boot completely tight, so it's clearly not the right diameter. The diameter on the upper part of the J pipe is stepped up, but not enough.

Is this just a matter of going to an exhaust place and get them to bend me a new piece and widen the top to the correct diameter, or is there a nicer/neater way of making this adapter? The heater ducting already has a T-piece in a different place so this is really just a 90-ish degree bend.

And yes, unfortunately it looks like this splendid work is indicative of the quality of work/mods on this car. Not that I had any delusions otherwise.

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