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912 sleeper


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I took a very nice and original 67 SWB 912 , took on the small areas that did have some rust, gave it a decent repaint in its original color and sent it to twinspark RACING, the Singer agent for Europe. Thats when things got a bit silly....
I was tripping over fat-arsed 911s everywhere so i figured it would be fun to keep it arch-less wink

Long story short: Complete Elephant racing street suspension ( retaining torsion bars, not coilover) and oil cooler kit.
PMB SWB S-brakes. Complete new wiring loom. New braids 15s roundbout on P6000s.
3.2 Shortstroke MFI with S cams and high butterflies ( 280-300ish bhp)
Every single upgrade Wevo box freshly built with a ZF slippy diff ( 5 figures bill)
Complete bespoke interior

Its about 1000 kiloes so it should be quite nippy...

Its probably cost me a number starting with a 2... however as my girlfriend recently decided she wanted a huge house I might have to sell it... I`ll probably only get back 60% at best of what Ive spent though... worlds most expensive 912 SWB?






















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Axel, your projects always look amazing 😎  

Less wanted ads and more build thread posts please

We need to see pictures of your girlfriend and the huge house for us to judge if you've made the right choice

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its a nice house lol. but i got so much of my money tied up in cars, projects - and the bank is asking for 

hard cash. will they accept payment in 911s??

anyway the build process is part of the fun, we will see. maybe I manage to sell something else who knows

Skjermbilde 2019-07-26 kl. 16.03.29.png

Skjermbilde 2019-07-26 kl. 18.22.24.png

Skjermbilde 2019-07-26 kl. 18.23.11.png

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😍 sell, sell, sell everything, you need a house like that, girlfriend sounds like a keeper

Can't quite place the architecture style but is that a Norwegian blue top bin out for a Weds. collection I can spy in the 1st pic? 

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Axel, the cut out is great location for a tow strap to be bolted to chassis and safer instead of crank cases!

thats what I used mine for.........?




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good tip, will do that!

where did you get that rear grill cover made? love the gaping maw for more air

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