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IB Track Day


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Anyone up for a track day before winter? Anyone know of a good organised track day coming up?

I know @Boxengasse have one on 17th August at Silverstone Stowe Circuit exclusively for air cooled cars. £330 all in I think. 

I've done a couple in my Boxster but I'm itching to get BB's Hotrod (the car formerly Known as RB's a la Prince and the Symbol) on a track and learn more about it. 

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1 hour ago, longman said:

The Marks (mark j and silver wt ) and I were talking about doing one the other day , next month would work for me , we did mention Snetterton , which is ideal for a novice 

As far across country as you can get for me Longers. Guessing it’s a good track if you guys are fancying it. @Von Twinzig, what’s happened to your Memorial Day? 

@SP72 let’s go learn. 

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1 minute ago, jevvy said:

105 drive by is pretty good tbh, 105 static is hard work in a modified 911

Either or I’d struggle I think. RB was going to look for a couple of bolt on cans that go on the TT exhaust in his garage but don’t think he’s had chance.  

My passenger ride in this at Anglesey last year. Hell of a car 






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18 hours ago, pstarkey said:

I plan to do Snetterton at some point this year and can do any of those dates and would be good to get a few of us.


Cool , I’m going to book the 10th off from work today then book snett...

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