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New 3.2 injectors - Good deal

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I'm guessing those you linked to are of Chinese origin? Wayne gave me some horror stories about 'Chinese' injectors.

I bought a set from the states - don't have the link just know. Details will be in my fuel lines post.

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I believe the internals can/will eventually wear out (not serviceable parts) and the injector need replacing. When I had my engine rebuilt, I had mine cleaned etc worked fine but one did fail soon after. Replaced the lot to be on the safe side, then changed them again to different ones as part of the Specialist Components induction and ignition kit.

If they work, leave them alone, but I’d keep a new one in the car as a spare.

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On 23/04/2021 at 21:32, Nige said:

Hi Nige

Sorry not around much these days. The reason i bought them is because I had mine cleaned etc, came back with a nice sheet of paper (with grarffs n stuff) providing a clean bill of health but then one died/jammed immediately after install.....just like in Beaky's case. I just stuck in a spare used Bosch one.

They "look" excellent quality and probably work better than any 25 year old thing. Next time one dies I'll pull the lot and replace. My car will then be faster than any other car on this forum, easily.

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