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930 Vacuum Pipe stub reattachment

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I have inadvertently removed an aluminium vacuum pipe stub from the inlet manifold. I was prizing off the vacuum hose and the aluminium stub came off with it. You can see in the photos the pipe inserted and removed. The pipe is a good  push fit and there is some evidence that it has been removed by accident before - there is what appears to be a light green transparent "glue" material in the hole where the pipe locates. It is also clear that if it had popped out before, no effort was made to key the surface of the aluminium. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this and what method of adhesion I should use for a good seal and permanent adhesive fix.

All thoughts are most welcome







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Hi Peter, 

I would clean and use a little expoxy. It’s the recirculating valve (BOV) housing so worth disassembling and replacing the nylon seal - it fails over time and can produce a little knocking noise as it closes on deceleration. Here is a link to a thread that shows this disassembled. 




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