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And that... really was the end of that....

Dr Rock

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Insurers have paid out, tax refunded and DVLA slip to say after 10 years and 3 months I know longer own a Porsche. :(

Three things to take from this:

1) Replace your fuel lines with appropriate stuff

2) Have a fire extinguisher in the car- not powder, so water or foam. Something to cool a fire down.

3) Keep your agreed valuations up to date with JG.

All in all the whole process has been pretty good- apart from delaying recovering the car back to the UK, the claims handlers, Classicline and insurers (ERS) have been great to deal with.

Life goes on....

So, as one Ronnie said to the other:

”It’s goodbye from me”

”And it’s goodbye from him”


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:( sad end to one of my favourite cars on here

Was a favourite not because it was the most expensive, coolest or fastest but it's been to and seen more places than probably all the other cars on here have done collectively

:signs118::cool: thank you Fraser!

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