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I recently acquired My 3.2 CS

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Hello All,

I am from Thailand and Porsche enthusiast. I am lucky enough to own and drive a few Porsche cars.
Recently I just acquired 1988 Club Sport RHD and this is my first classic 911.

I truly enjoy driving it hard with a manual shifting and I am feel so connected to this little car. However, I am quite new to the Porsche classic and I hope to learn great things from this forum, I do love DIY. Now, I am just a happy guy who feel in love with a classic 911 and want to share some pics with your guys (might be a bit heavy)




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Welcome to Club Sport ownership, its going to be very different drive to the rest of your fleet, but one I'm sure you will enjoy. How on earth do you make a choice of what to drive? I've owned my CS now for 21 years and it never fails to make me smile definitely one to hang onto.

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Welcome! These CS cars are the hiding gem of 911's in my opinion, if you know, you know.

Had mine almost 10 years and enjoyed every moment. Such a connected feel, and i love that mine sounds louder and feels faster than it is actually going. I recently added a 997 GT3 CS and was shocked at how slow the 3.2 CS was in comparison, but I can feel the DNA and love how similar they are.

My nephews are part Thai and go back each easter to see the family in Bangkok, unfortunately they are both teenage boys and can't cook......Their family owns restaurants in Bangkok so I think I will suggest next easter they get some lessons for when they come home and stay with their Uncle!! 


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Welcome to 911CS ownership - these are rare and special cars.

As others have said, my CS never fails to make me smile every time I take it out on our great roads here in NW Scotland! Yes, it is slow compared to modern 911s/Panameras/Macans etc but it feels so alive and connected to the road and you can really enjoy driving at sensible speeds.

To get the same enjoyment from a modern Porsche usually means either going too fast or going for a track day........ 

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Same lightness. Driving a 911R really makes me feel like driving an old classic 3.2 CS. It feels very mechanical and I think this car is one of the purist Porsche design of the modern 911. 

You just want to keep driving it non stop...

2 (1).png

1 (1).png


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