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Heat Exchangers & Exhaust Early SSI types


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I pair of Heat Exchangers and a 2 in 1 out silencer.

These are a good few year old.

Bought as a spare set for my  car, but having gone to Stainless, hopefully I'll never need them..

One heat exchanger is in decent condition, with one small perforation, easily rectified.

The other Exchanger is quite ropey, but a creative fabricator could salvage it.

The Silencer itself looks OK. A good few scrapes and minor blemishes,  it doesn't sound like a Maracas when its shaken - Of German manufacture and heavy!

This set-up may be of use in a Backdate project, or performance upgrade.

£125 for the lot. 









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Items are still available.

I'm not a 3.2 expert, but my understanding is that they will fit, but with a spacer between the head and the face of the exchanger to allow for they different flange thickness on the 3.2 system.

If I have got this wrong, happy to be corrected by those on here who know.....

Cheers AT

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