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17 hours ago, MarkJ said:

Thanks BB, think any car buying is now fubared sadly but will still watch it with interest.

My latest classic car mag experts list all the reasons why the classic car market has bombed (pre corona) and not likely to ever return To the last 5-8 years highs. Makes sense when you read it. Be interesting to see if prices get more realistic for many cars. 

I for one certainly do. I’ve had 3.2s for 25 years now and seen the prices go stupid. At the same time parts have gone the same way.

If prices come down, parts will hopefully follow 🤞🏻

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2 hours ago, Spy said:

Any luck in your hunt @MarkJ ?

i gave up looking tbh after a year of uncertainty with the economy. I also lost a third of my normal annual income last year so buying new toys got dropped off the list  :(  My enthusiasm for an Esprit has waned for some reason too and started looking at Cobras for lairy summer fun :wacko: Too many cars i'd love to own / enjoy. Still like the Esprits but finally concluded i would be mental to px the CR for one :P besides, at 10yrs old its becoming a classic car too!

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