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Alfa GT Junior ‘evo’

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Thanks Baz, got a couple hundred miles on the engine now and an oil change, still limited to 5000rpm and light loads but it feels full of energy...

Got a prop vibration issue to attend to, new centre bearing ordered and hopefully will fit tomorrow, but aside from that slowly falling back in love with the car.

Thinking about ceramic coating the exhaust manifold because the under bonnet temps are quite high... Will be making quite a difference without a cold air feed and an air box.

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Visit to WHM Sport (engine builder) on Friday for a checkup. After a timing check we did some full load runs with the wide band lambda, and Warren gave me the thumbs up - running in done - ready to race.

We had a couple of runs through the gears up to the red line and all I can say is the engine is a complete jekyll and hyde - it's quiet and unassuming at idle, sweet below 3000rpm but as you pile on the revs it turns into an angry little b******! It has to be heard to be believed, I'll get some video!

It's also a bit of a torque monster - could probably take some wilder cams - but very drivable so in the real world although sacrificing some top end BHP I think it will be a great compromise. We're going to do the final tune "live" on a local airfield, and after that we'll go to the dyno and see what we have. 

Meanwhile I suspect the throttle linkage needed going through again as I am not getting the last 10% of butterfly articulation so had the TBs off yesterday to take a look - the quadrant pivot on the inlet side had some play (fixed mostly with a washer) and the bush on the end of the pedal assembly had turned to mush so new one ordered.



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Hi Guys,

Thought I’d rekindle this Alfa lockdown thread as I dropped on 1970 GTV1750 that lived in South Africa till 2002 and then just one UK owner since. He’s just let it go due to poor health so thought I’d share a few photos. Very little mileage in the UK apart from summer use and car shows.  I’ve been getting it serviced up, oil, filters, coolant change, brakes checked. Lovely sounding, fast revving engine. Super solid underneath due to living in a dry state. 
Looking  forward to getting out in the cars in spring like us all. 









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Fabulous- I have had a few of these  Alfa's in 1750 & 2000 litre form and they sublime little machines.



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Nice car! We are doing a South African Super in the workshop at the moment for a customer, lots of Alfaholics kit being thrown at it. I've also convinced a friend to buy an ex-HSCC race car which we're converting to a fast road car for him. And we have a step front coming in next month for some fast road treatment...

Meanwhile I have been spending the cold, hard winter re-wiring my GT Junior "evo". Rewiring doesn't quite do it justice, it's been converted to an AIM PDM system with GPS, CANBUS, camera system and full data logger. Extended scope creep means I've re-engineered the whole dash, heater box and interior....

Not one for the purists, AIM is at least an Italian company.... 





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