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You Sexy Thing: The IB Period Playlist


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I was just making lunch and had Spotify going on the little Bose speaker by the cooker. A song came up from the IB era and the thought of someone buying their first 911 back in the day and this being the first song they heard on the radio came into my head. This is an obvious thread starter!

So here is the premise. Look at your car's registration date and pick ONE great song from the same year - month and year if you want to be properly anal about it - and share it here. Preferably something uptempo that people could groove to if you were the DJ at an IB meet. I will add it to a Spotify playlist I just started, name is per the thread title if you want to subscribe.

EDIT: just added the link to the forum social icons 👍🏻

RULES (always rules):

  • 1974 to 1989 only - no later covers
  • Must be from the year your current or ex IB was registered, or a sigificant year in the range if no IB - go by chart entry date or album release date

My car is registered 1975 so I have started with three from the year to get it rolling.  I remember all these as new releases, which is great but depressing LOL

  1. Hot Chocolate : You Sexy Thing
  2. David Bowie: Fame
  3. Bee Gees: Jive Talking

Post your tunes and let's groove tonight (Earth Wind and Fire. 1981)! THE PERSON WHO CHOOSES THE SONG THAT STARTED THIS WINS A PRIZE!! :D



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3 minutes ago, Ian Comerford said:

In some ways I wish my car was from 1980 as this is one of my favourite records of all time. 

So many tunes to choose from in the IB years! I feel your pain, son! :D

Sister Sledge on the playlist!!

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I'll play.   For those that don't know, I like a bit of disco.

First up, everybody knows this  tune this but is often dismissed as session musicians.  Not so.  It's possibly the grooviest bass line in history.  Forget 'noodley' jazz and prog, disco is THE hardest genre to play live. This live recording really shows the talent, if I could play that bass line even once I'd be happy.

Second up, my favourite label Salsoul Records with a remix of a Loleatta Hollaway's Hit and Run.  Salsoul were the first label to identify that singles were too short for the club dancers.  Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles etc were taking two copies into the clubs and extending the records by mixing them.  One day, they gave DJ Walter Gibbons direct access the to original tapes and the remix was born.    Lolleatta gives possibly the most insanely powerful vocal of here career too.  Look out for the mixing engineers comments at the end.


Third, produced by Bob Blank and remixed by Larry Levan.  It's a reworking of the 1978 Phreek tune but is so '80s I love it - dont mess with this girl.  Never fails to kickstart the Weekend in the bar where I play.



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4 minutes ago, Beaky said:

Can we cheat, log in as A N Other.................................

Hahahaha :D

You could buy entries from disinterested members but that would be conduct unbecoming a PCGB board member! Still, give it a go!!

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Having had a look at what was in the charts when my car was registered:

-    In Germany (30th May 1988)
      - Blue Monday was No.9
      - The King of Rock and Roll was No.7

-    In Jersey (7th September 1988) and
     - The Race was No.8

I’m going to ignore both of those (and the No.1s which were even worse) and go for the 1988 release I was (by co-incidence) listening to in my study on Thursday afternoon:


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So difficult to chose so I went the anal route and limited it to one from the UK charts top 10 the week my cars were registered. I must get two, as I have two IBs!


For the 3.2, 13/06/84; No 1 in the UK charts.

For the SC, 01/08/83; No 4 in the UK charts.

If I'm unfairly limited to one then it has to be the Eurythmics.



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