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Engine lid badge position 1974

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New engine lid fitted on restoration so no holes, does anyone know the exact position of the 911 badge on the engine lid and the 2.7 badge on the grill?.




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The closest I've found on the web is this picture  it shows 50mm to centre of holes and 76.5 centre to centre which does match with the tabs on the back of the badge.


If someone could confirm I would appreciate it.



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1 hour ago, Jonny Hart said:

I don’t think I could bring myself to drill those holes.    I’d be removing the badge pegs and using badge tape. 

I agree Jonny, nobody will know and it's moveable if you do later realise it's not quite where you want it.....

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Well I went for it



Drilled holes and touched up with paint


Fixings on the back


Looks good to me


Just the 2.7 grille badge now, I know the earlier cars had 4 small holes in the grille for the badge to sit in but later cars haven't the holes so I dont know where to stick it?




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Hello Apesman, just seen all your latest pics (not looked for a while) - awesome detail!

Here is the positioning of the 2.7 badge from my '74 targa.  Maybe a bit late for you?

Also, I have a question about your seats:  Are they Dark Blue vinyl with Jubilee Blue Tweed inserts?   More closeup pics and details would be appreciated as this is what I need to restore next.  My seats have vinyl backs with a blue fabric between the inserts and the piping.  Can't find this fabric anywhere.








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Just noticed the poor parallax issue on the measurement photo.  Th riding is 45mm from edge of vertical bar to edge of the logo.  Here's a better pic.



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Yes badge now on, thanks anyway Marcus.

Regarding the seat materials, on the Southbound receipt it shows  709 blue/blk vinyl centres front seats 300 Tweed cloth, samples below...




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