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SC Triangle of death leaks

Ian Comerford

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Hi Ian,

Doing this on my 3.2 with engine in at the moment. With inlet manifolds off, it’s pretty easy to access TOD. Removing manifolds etc not hard, just need to be methodical. Haven’t dropped engine at all yet. Not sure if it’s the same on the SC though.


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I removed only  the air box. 

Despite its name of ‘Triangle of death’ I thought it was quite achievable and really didn’t take that long. 

An inspection mirror is clearly essential. 

I found the most difficult item was the breather tube housing - accessing 1 of the 4 nuts was difficult. The other 2 items (thermostat and pressure switch ?) were quite easy.

It’s just fiddly and needs a bit of patience. 

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9 hours ago, Northy said:

Which part is leaking?  Buy a cheap usb/WiFi endoscope on eBay and work out what’s leaking first. You might be able to just change the dodgy bit. 

Thanks for all of the replies so far.  I’m not really sure of where the leak is coming from, it’s not a big one and could be coming from the cooler, but there is a small amount of oil leakage around the ToD so I thought I would attempt this area first.  I’ve replaced the oil pressure sender as that was an easy one to do, but the other two seals are less so, hence the question about ease of doing it in situ.  i wasn’t sure I wanted to go through the fuss of removing all of the injection stuff but as I have a bit more time on my hands may give it a go.  I mostly wanted to know if anyone had done an SC strip in situ and whether there were any hints, tips etc.

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I thought I would tag some new info onto this thread as it adds some interesting detail to the subject area.  In the link copied from Pelican there is a description of how overfilling your oil tank can lead to you thinking that you have a ToD leak.  There is also a description of a fix for the leaks that often happen with the oil pressure switch.  Hope this is helpful/interesting.


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