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A 'lockdown' purchase that I can blame on the 'Things I'm Currently Drooling Over' thread, I'm looking forward to taking delivery of this in the next week or two


I haven't seen the physical car yet, but I did a lot of due diligence before wiring a deposit over, and as the government lockdown guidelines are now changing, it looks like I'll be able to drive over and see it this week.  LHD is a deliberate choice, with future Continental touring in mind; and as a consequence, my LHD 996 turbo will be for sale:


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Ferrari envy! What a car to drive around Europe in. My latest Classic car or Auto Italia mag highlighted these as being very attractively priced lately but did also forewarn that annual running costs can be mental if something awkward to get at goes wrong.

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Thanks, guys, for all the positive comments.

I've received some more photos, of brakes and front ball joints:






The car is now apparently at the painters', for the front PU to be painted (due to stone chips).

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Hi, Axel

2001, LHD, C08, tiptronic, Seal Grey with terracotta (extended) leather & wood veneer interior (nicer than it sounds), 46,280 miles, first owner for ten years, then me for nine, cherished & pampered, almost entirely unmarked.  I had the wood veneer sections on the steering wheel replaced with chestnut brown leather, making it two-tone terracotta and chestnut.  Apart from that, it's as it left the factory.

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10 hours ago, GimmeShelter said:

Am I alone in preferring the silver?

Though I must admit, gold Campagnolos look great on red 911s.

Nope, I know lots of people love gold on red but I hate it.

Silver or grey/anthracite all day long for me.

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6 minutes ago, ALEX P said:

What are you trying to say Haith?

All I see is a dirty wheel that needs cleaning and repainting in silver or grey :P

Gold wheels on red cars rock my world mate 😜

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Thank you!  No delivery yet (scheduled for next Saturday) but I did take a drive over to see it on Saturday (in a properly socially-distanced manner: just one-on-one, the vendor opened the doors, bonnet and engine lid, I didn't even touch the car):



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