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Revised suspension geometry

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Since the rebuild, the car has now been on the road for over 10 months, and during that time I've played around with ride height and suspension geometry.

In case anyone's interested, this is where I'm currently at and - subject to the usual caveat that I might change my mind! - I'm very happy with it.  The car steers and rides beautifully (on Bilstien Sportstrasse dampers) and looks like:


The geometry settings are:

Suspension geo 21 May 2020.jpeg

Regarding the ride height, if you measure the distance from the torsion bar cap centres to the ground, you get:

Rear: 270mm

Front: 146mm

Hence difference = 124mm

... with about half a tank of fuel

I've noticed that this increases to about 127mm with nearly a full tank of fuel.

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These figures with ballast to represent a (rather light) driver and passenger.

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Looks really good. I assume you don't get any rubbing on the front?

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On 22/05/2020 at 14:48, Phill said:

Looks really good. I assume you don't get any rubbing on the front

Thank you, and that's right, no rubbing.  But then, it's got turbo arches fitted (narrowed turbo arches at the front) and we did spend a lot of time mucking about with wheels and tyres checking that things wouldn't touch, playing around with suspension travel and steering angles when we were doing the bodywork.

I was a bit surprised that it was the front suspension that had settled, rather than the rear, meaning I had to adjust the front back up to get the ride height where I wanted it, before taking it for the geo.

With these settings, the front 'undertray' (beneath the steering rack) is almost 110mm off the road and the car clears those ruddy annoying square speed bumps we have on the local roads, without any scraping.

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