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MSV restarting track days from June 1


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Businesses can open if they risk asses and implement safety measures, probably signed off by a legal advisor.

The problem with a car run is some authorities are choosing to enforce recommendations and guidance as if they were legislation. I don't believe a car run with social distancing if prohibited by the legislation, but unlimited car travel is only specifically endorsed in the legislation to go and do exercise/meet one person outside/have a picnic/etc.

All a lot of BS as far as I'm concerned, but there is a high probability of attracting unwanted attention.



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We could be creative, all out £10.00 into the a pot and say its a fund raising run...................................................only kidding!

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I went to a Brands track evening on Wednesday. Drove there in a fully liveried race Ka, did the track evening, and drove it home. Passed a couple of  Police cars and a van along the way with no problems at all.

Sign on and briefings are done on-line, you put your own wristband on when you get there. One car per garage and only sharing of cars is same household. Organisers were wandering the paddock reminding about social distancing and various queueing systems in place for food and toilets.

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