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Distributor cap / leads - pics please

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I have replaced my thin rubber ignition cables with a braided Beru set and have spent a large part of this afternoon threading the plugs and braid grounds around each other onto the distributor cap in an attempt to avoid touching crossing wires (as I'm given to understand that crossing wires is undesirable, even with the insulation). It's been tricky!

Anyway, the result is a very busy picture, so I'm curious to know if this is common. Or even whether it's necessary to avoid crossing the wires. 

I've achieved a gap of at least a few mm in most cases, and tried to place a braid ground between the cross where possible. But it does look like a bag of snakes.

I would be grateful to see how others' distributor caps look, especially if anyone has achieved a tidier picture than this...








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It’s not that easy to determine right from wrong (or different) in this case.  The earth braid leads on mine are attached on the other side of the coil, looks a lot tidier.  I am also not sure of whether you are using the built in cable tidiers/retainers properly, two of them do not appear to be connected to any art of the engine.  Also, you have a plastic cap missing from your coil.  I could add a picture of mine, but as with yours into not easy to determine where each goes.  

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AFAIK, these leads are as they came from the factory -


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Thank you both very much. This has been extremely helpful.

I had not looked hard enough for places to locate the nodules on the tidies but, having removed the fan-top air hose, there are two quite obvious holes for the 4-5-6 leads on the cowl behind the fan. The third tidy I have used to protect the braids from the remnant air con bracket. I found the hole for the 1-2-3 leads under the black plastic fitting for the large air hose.

I was initially cautious about locating the grounds to the back of the coil mount due to the other wire that's located there but it is so much tidier. Studying the photo above to thread the leads under and over the various bits and, with the spark plug ends firmly located, the lead lengths gradually sorted themselves out to be reasonably spaced as they converge on the distributor cap.

So it's a hell of a lot better than it was on Sunday! Thanks again.

The immediate view.


(It'll be better once the white plug labels come off.)


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The holes for and locations of the 4-5-6 tidies.

(The last tidy has moved off the air con bracket as I forgot to put the 4 plug back in fully before the photo.)






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