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Voltage regulator - faulty or not?

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Hi Guys,

I'm having charging trouble with my 1976 911 2.7. I've had the Serv Marchal alternator checked out [off the car] and it's charging up nicely. What I don't know is if the voltage regulator is working correctly?

Couple of points to add first:

1. no charge/increase in volts at battery stays at 12v and drops with use.

2. Dash charge indicator light remains lit [after starting] but very dimly lit.

3. I've renewed and cleaned up obvious earth points?

I managed to run leads of the regulator to check the voltage:

Blue - reads approx 13v

Black - 6v

Brown - 0v

Any help appreciated. A replacement regulator is under £40 so probably worth swapping out but want to check here first.


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Don't you want a strong 14-14.4V at the battery whilst idling for it to remain charged when is use.

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You certainly want more than 12 volts when engine is say at 2500rpm, change the reg, cheap and easy to do on that car

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