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Insurance with track day cover.


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I have all my 'proper' cars on a multicar classic policy. It seems to be good value ( even giving me a degree of cover when competing in sprints and hillclimbs) with European cover etc. But, they will not give me any track day insurance as an add on. I know people with MX 5s whose policies include track day cover for up to 6 days/ year. Does anyone have a 911 policy which provides this sort of cover?

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I have my 911 insured with Locktons,  this includes 5 trackdays a year,   Excess is 10% of the cars value.

They prefer them to be PCGB ones  but they can be persuaded to cover you as long as they are with proper track day organisers,  Gold Track,  MSV for instance.

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I'm in the process of changing to Classic Line, they provide 5 track days cover per year. My existing provider is Manning and they give me unlimited track days cover.

The reason I'm changing is that Classic Line are cheaper and I've only done a couple of track days so I don't need the unlimited cover. Manning also give me £0 excess if i make a claim. Classic Line would charge £250 excess but I've bought excess cover for £30 so overall Classic Line are cheaper especially with the 15% discount forum subscribers get from them.

Compared to manning I've saved around £120 overall. It all depends on how many track days you need cover for. BTW I've found track excess is universally 10% of the value of the car. I've tried without success to find a policy that would cover this track excess.

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