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Impact Bumpers; Toivonen Style


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Can you blame me for being freaked out on Impact Bumpers and specifically SC's, when I grew up watching stuff like this, sometimes just feet away from it. It was Toivonen's SC RS, spotted at service in Limerick in the Circuit of Ireland many years ago that got me hooked. Good old Henri, gone but not forgotten.



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Don't these SC RS's sound wonderful!


Toivenen was a genius. Being a Lancia worshiper, a group B fan and an admirer of Toivenen I was distraught when I heard he had met his end. :mellow:

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my mate bought a decade of rally box set from duke which is what that clip is from, we havent got through them all yet but they are a great watch.


Beer + takeaway + rally vids = :)


He also owned several intergrales over the past few years including a nice tuned red 16V that used to keep up with big bikes, it was comedy!


Andy, meant to mention that the aftermath of Toivenen's crash is on the vids, the car was a wreck no supprise no one survived - very sad

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Well following the recent interest in old RC cars I have been keeping my eye out for a few things and have been watching this:


RC lancia 037


And then today my mate who likes his lancias sent me this link:


A real lancia 037


And if you are at all interested in this car you should check out the Lancia 037 site which has loads of good stuff on and tons of liks on teh links page


How am I going to do any work today now?

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My mate who tracked/aligned my car for me last week looks after a red 037 from the next village; belongs to one of the head honchos at the BRDC whose name I won't mention. Very interesting to see how it's put together underneath. I'm no Lancia fan but I like Integrales, Allan McKee at Weltmeister has just bought his old 8v back, we will probably see it if we are there in September.


Was talking to a guy down there yesterday who has had three Integrales, last one a 24v Evo, he now has an Evo 8 260. Bought it new, spent £5k or thereabouts on it with Allan and it is turning out more user-friendly bhp than the factory 400 which costs like £16k+ more than the 260.

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wow, great link John. :ani_clapping:


My memories of the Donegal International Rally are mostly of the Rothmans 911's - Cathal Curly, etc.


I lost interest in rallying when the top runners were all 4wd, and no tail-out stuff at all.

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basically Henri paid the price of Lancia cheating. :(

illegal fuel in the tank.

BMW did the same in F1 in the early 80s. fuel cheating was a common thing to do but highly dangerous as it use to explode straight away!

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