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RHD '82 SC Coupe on eBay - £38k


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13 minutes ago, carreracat said:

Over the past few weeks I have really suffered with mine in the heat, no air con so those seats would be great and warm in winter as well 

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If people share eBay links can they copy some pics from the ad and post them, plus the description. That way we can actually build a resource, rather than just a forum full of dead links.

Seller says:

WWE 201Y

1982 Porsche 911 SC 3.0

Completely original except the full stainless steel dansk exhaust and heat exchanges
The car speaks for itself, fantastic condition throughout, never been welded, maintained regardless of cost,
low milage at just over 85 thousand,
4 former keepers
Folder full of service and mot history,
Drives exactly as it should, smooth gears no crunching, lively engine
All oil lines replaced a couple of years ago
4 refurbished brake callipers just fitted
4 new pirelli tyres just fitted
New starter and battery just fitted
Cdi unit overhaul just completed
Flew through its last mot with flying colours no advisories
Optional turbo spoiler, Front lip, Side skirts
Rarer melànge wool interior no rips or tears
Original black and polished fuchs alloy wheels with no damage
Heater and cool air system works as it should

Couple of slight blemishes on the lower steel valances and headlight surrounds, Small oil leak

Small oil leak can mean big engine rebuild. Gearbox will need close inspection at 85k miles. Seat trim is Berber cloth. 4 new brake calipers means it has been sitting so check for damp and rust.

There is no online MOT history from 2006 to 2013 so it was parked for at least 7 years. Check water in fuel/fuel tank rot.

What is a CDI overhaul? Why did it need it - etc etc. Hence £38k asking price.

SC Coupe WWE 201 Y 1.jpg

SC Coupe WWE 201 Y 2.jpg

SC Coupe WWE 201 Y 3.jpg

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  • johndglynn changed the title to RHD '82 SC Coupe on eBay - £38k
  • 4 months later...

Evening guys! 

I recently looked at this car and as part of my due diligence I googled the number plate. Now I’m here :-) 

I have a 981 as a daily and I love it. I’ve always wanted one of these for a daily driver it’s a great looking thing! 

im going to be paying for a Porsche specialist to take a look at it as I really don’t know what I’m looking at. 

a couple of things I noticed whilst looking at the car was that some of the paint was bubbled on the body. Under the headlamps near the bottom of the windscreen. I’m certain that’s rust. Is this a bit problem in these cars ? 

also, the clutch pedal was real hard work. Maybe that’s becUse I’ve only drove automatics for 5 years now and my left leg is weak 😂 

it seems like really good value in today’s market, there aren't many coupe 964s for under £40k 


any help would be amazing. 

thank you 

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Yes the bubbles in the paint are rust.

The heavy clutch could be worn bushes in the pedal, a worn out clutch or your leg is very weak as you say.

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Old 911's rot from the inside out.  

Off the top of my head some of the main body rot ares are:

  • Under Headlights & inner wings where bumpers mount (visible on the inside around the battery area)
  • Kidney bowls (basically immediately behind the base of the B pillar and at the bottom of the b pillar)
  • Windscreen scuttles 
  • Rear sunroof drain tubes 
  • Above the rear light clusters 
  • Bottom of front wings just in front of the base of the a pillar 

New wings are expensive (Circa £7-900 each panel + prep and paint)
Anything in the b pillar means fairly major surgery 
The little bits like rubber seals etc - rack up costs quickly.

This will give you nightmares

Having said this - they are strong old things and you might get away with running around with a few scabby bits for a while too.  Get it inspected by someone who knows what they are doing. A decent IB will be a great buy that will put a smile on your face for years.

Good Luck! 

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Echoing what Lewis says make sure that your Porsche specialist really is a Porsche specialist, not just someone with a good website saying they are.  Check reputation..  There are a number around who claim to be but who have left trails of misery.  

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Where was that one for sale, seem to recall it was Derby or something.  I don't mind taking a look at it if you wish?  I certainly know where these things rust.

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Afternoon everyone thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. 

I use a company called amb Porsche to service and do the work on my cayman. I was going to get them to visit. 

it’s in Matlock Nige so very close to derby. thank you for offering to help that’s very generous of you. I will message you if I manage to strike a deal with the owner ☺️


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On 12/01/2021 at 23:46, Nige said:

I'm in Denby, so Matlock is only 15 minutes away.  Got b*gger all else to do at the moment so happy to help. 

And definitely essential travel......

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  • 1 month later...

Nice one, I had a good rummage through it, over it and under it with the new owner last Friday.  Solid with a sweet motor just needs some paint fettling here and there and on bumper and valances.

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  • 1 month later...

Morning guys! 

huge shout out to Nige for taking a look at this for me I’m very happy with it 😀 

It had its first clean in a few years last weekend. Ready for summer 

thanks again buddy 


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