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Classic Porsche magazine sold to Kelsey Media

Ian Comerford

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13 hours ago, tea boy said:

I hope the new owners give Tippler the boot...

Apparently Kelsey have bought both Classic Porsche and 911 & Porsche World. That is quite a shift in the landscape.

They run on a very tight budget so I would expect a change in the contributors for sure.

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  • johndglynn changed the title to Classic Porsche magazine sold to Kelsey Media

We'll have to see. My column moved with Simon from GT Porsche to BMW Car magazine a while back and I think the editorial content in that mag has improved quite a bit, but we'll see what happens to them under Kelsey. Hard to see how three Porsche mags under one roof works out.

It is tricky to find the old school stuff we all seem to prefer without encountering influencer culture these days. A very thin line between ultimate cool and trying too hard, but perceived wisdom now has it that influencers bring in the eyeballs and therefore drive circulation and ad sales. The modern mag menu is not for me hence getting out of it a long time ago.

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That's my only magazine subscription now 😢. Have enjoyed Keith's work since the first Volks World (which I still have) and meeting him at the first Bug Jam when he raced his orange Type 3 fastback.

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