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Wheel alignment oop north


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Anyone know where I can get my wheel alignment checked oop north?

After dismantling, replating, and rebuilding my rear suspension I need a basic setup done (3.2 Carrera).

I took my car to a recommended specialist in Edinburgh. When I went to collect it the rear was about 1-1/2” lower than it should be. The car just looked ridiculous. Rear tyres swallowed up inside the arches. They offered to put it right but I have no faith in that shop and don’t want them touching my car again. 

I have adjusted the spring plate cams to put the ride height roughly where it should be. 

I’m not looking for a Centre of Gravity 8 hour / £1000 setup. Just want the wheels pointing in roughly the right direction. I don’t race and rarely go above 50 mph!

Willing to travel to the Midlands if necessary. Just want someone that knows about spring plates etc.

ps picture taken in my own workshop


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I would look for a reputable local garage with the old 'dunlop' type setup. In experienced hands these are very accurate. I had mine done thus way after a suspension refresh.

In my experience most tyre places now have expensive equipment they don't know how to use.

As an example my Merc was showing uneven wear on the front. The tyre place said it wasn't a geometry issue. My local garage took one look, recommended a 20' toe in change, did it on the old gauges, and it's been fine ever since.

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41 minutes ago, Andy352 said:

I used Progrip in Larbert, he knows what he's doing and let's you watch while he's working on your car. Did my '85 3.2 after I finished my restoration.

Thanks Andy - I shall give them a call.

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