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Guards Red 3.2 Cropthorne

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2 hours ago, Wingnonut said:

I went through Cropthorne and Pershore this morning on my way to meet Haith. I’m guards red but F737TPK 

Did you flash at a blue targa? If you did I got the reg completely wrong.

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20 hours ago, Timmy said:

I was cycling near Pershore this morning but saw no IB.

So you didn't see me, wingnonut, or the Guards Red 3.2 that is the subject of the thread?

It all comes down to timing. I was there at about 9:30 on my way to Evesham, having been to Fladbury, then Pershore.

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19 hours ago, Timmy said:

If all these IBs live in Worcestershire maybe we should arrange a socially distanced meet of no more than 6!

Sounds like a plan, anyone else from Worcestershire like to join in?

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