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So if we are going retro Golf pictures here are a few of mine, I think I did 2xMK1 GTi, 3xMK2 GTi (all 8 valve), MK3 Colour Concept GTi, 2 x MK4 GTi, MK6 GTi (probably the best all rounder), MK6 140TDi, MK7 GTD and R.

1st Golf GTi MK1.jpg

1st Golf GTi MK2.jpg

3rd Golf GTi MK2.jpg

Golf MK1 GTi.jpg

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had a mk2 golf GTI back in the day too, was my first 'modern car' after a string of Ford Escorts in differing stages of madness. Mine was graphite grey with tinted glass, called a Campaign edition I think, loved it. :cool:


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Again, what a great 1st car!

2nd car was a Mk2 Golf Driver, had been made to look like a 16V, went ok until I blew it up on the M40

Owned a M1 1.6 GTi, brakes were woeful, frighteningly bad, much preferred my 205 GTi as a car to have fun in, still really, really want one now!

Also bought an unfinished Mk1 16V conversion, sold it unfinished, my dad did the exchange with a bunch of big Rasta chaps from Birmingham who drove down to our village in deepest, darkest Herefordshire to collect it

Deal done, to celebrate getting his garage back he took them to the pub across the road, buying all the drinks with my money 😅 


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