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1976 Porsche 911S 2.7 Coupe - The survivor!

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My story: https://www.stuttcars.com/owner-stories/the-survivor-look-911/

My friend popped over and took some pictures, I am just waiting for DVLA to issue a plate and I will take it over to Flat_6_Jack for him to get it on the ramps and sort a few issues:

1) Starter has a parasitic drain

2) Cooling fan is tickling the bottom of the cowl and making an annoying noise.

3) Speedo, Rev and Clock not working but other 2 gauges on the left are.

4) General inspection, kick the tyres, etc.

I absolutely love it and looking forward to getting some miles under my belt (I had wrongly assumed insurance on a VIN would allow me to drive it on US plates)


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Yup leap of faith, no option with my limited budget and wanting a non-sunroof nb coupe. It was pretty much my dream spec and even the wheels I would have chosen given free reign.

Previous owner did lots of mech work including Bitz EFI, MSD ignition, etc

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