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First start after rebuild

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Hi all,

I started the SC engine today for the first time after it's rebuild. I built up the oil pressure and circulated the oil with the fuel pump relay and the connector to the CD box removed. After re connecting it started ok and ran well although I think the ignition timing could be a bit out.

I ran it for 20 mins at 1800/2000 rpm, unfortunately I wasn't expecting the oil thermostat to open and I ended up with an oil leak at the front cooler unions which I didn't notice straight away.

My concern is that as the oil cooler and pipes filled up there wasn't enough oil circulating the engine for the last 3-4 minutes. Do you think that low oil tank level is likely to do damage for that short period? I think I read that the oil tank holds surplus oil when the engine is running so hopefully all is well.

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