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With my car effectively off the road, due to broken head studs (and winter) I needed a reason to spend my evenings in the garage instead of in front of the TV. 

As I recently added a lathe and bandsaw to the garage toy list I figured it is a good time to make my own RSR style ARB's. Nothing too fancy, just cherry picking the bits I like from all of the available aftermarket options, but at a fraction of the price. I have plenty of Aluminium T6061 stock and have ordered 7/8" EN19T (4130 Cro Mo) bar which measures 22.25mm metric and cost £68 delivered. I still need to decide some measurements and where to connect to rear suspension, either the original locations on the trailing arms or the toe adjusters on the spring plates, but look forward to figuring it all out and will try to document everything on here with pics, in case anyone is interested.

In the meantime, here is a rough idea of how the rears will look, mocked up using www.tinkercad.com 



Rear ARB.jpg

First parts to be made, nylon bushes for the rear ARB.


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Still got to dial out the run-out on my cheapy Clarke pillar drill. I think the Mitutoyo run-out gauge, magnetic stand and flat-walled transfer punch cost almost as much as the drill :lol: 🙄

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