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Replacing Front Door Speaker Wires


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For Christmas my wife bought me the Blaupunkt Breman to replace the nasty 1990’s head unit that currently spoils the dash.

Having fitted the stereo today it would appear that the speaker wires to the front doors have seen better days as if I wiggle the wires the speakers crackle and either become very faint or stop working.  I have checked connections and all good.

I would like to fit some fresh speaker cables to both doors and any advice on how to route the cable through  to the doors very much appreciated.


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I suppose you have a choice really between running new cable while leaving the old one in place or replacing the old cable.

The latter may actually be easier. Starting in the door, I'd neatly solder the new cable ends onto the old, put some heat shrink on and then pull the new cable through from the radio end. It's pretty light cable so the hope would be that it would pull through OK but the neater the join the better chance you have.

Good luck!



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Turns out that the poor connections were caused by loose wires in the white two pin plugs that are fitted in the footwell before the wires go through to the door. I simply cut them off and soldered new wires and hay presto no more crackling.

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